JFSA Strengthening Families: Family Violence Services

Nationally recognized domestic violence prevention and outreach.

Mae Bennett, Manager of Domestic Violence Services


Justice System Advocacy and Legal Resources

For many victims of abuse, working through the court system is a necessary step. JFSA helps clients understand their legal options, current laws and court processes, and can accompany them as they navigate the justice system.

Case Management and Safety Planning

JFSA helps clients navigate the maze of social service, legal, medical, and vocational systems that individuals must work to achieve self-sufficiency. This includes:

• Safety assessments

• Planning

• Assistance in obtaining and coordinating referral services

• Accompanying clients on appointments

• Trauma Specific Therapy (including EMDR)

Journey to Empowerment Support Group

Journey to Empowermentis a four week virtual support group for women who are currently or have experienced abuse in their relationships.

Special Population Outreach

Some segments of the community face additional barriers to overcoming abuse. JFSA also provides culturally specific services for the Jewish community, immigrants, elderly, people with serious mental illness and disabilities, and LGBTQ community.