JFSA Caring at Home: Lifeline Mobile Medical Alert

Easy-to-use unit that provides immediate access to community resources in the event of an emergency.

Nina Tsirlin, Philips Lifeline Coordinator

JFSA Cleveland offers Philips Lifeline products to individuals who wish to have an added level of personal safety at home. Home Safe is perfect for people who spend more time at home. The Home Safe personal alert button gives you fast access to a highly trained Response Associate, with the simple press of a button.

GoSafe 2 is waterproof, rugged and packed full of technology, making it the smart choice for an active adult. It provides coverage and support wherever you go-whether that’s to the supermarket or in your home. It features up to six locating technologies (including WIFI, GPS and others) to ensure you can get help where you need it.

Additional Product and Service Features

• Two-way voice communication
• Water resistant
• Worry-free battery
• Fall Detection
• 24/7 Response Center
• Uninterrupted Support – help is always there with the push of a button.
• Personalized Response Plan – request the help you want from a family member, friend, or first responder

When you arrange your Lifeline subscription through JFSA, you get an even better value compared to other manufacturers. JFSA sends trained staff to install the Lifeline unit at no additional charge while others charge for this service or don’t offer it at all. JFSA staff maintains regular contact with Lifeline customers to make sure they are satisfied with their unit and answer questions they may have.