JFSA Caring at Home: Older Adult Care Coordination

Family Consultation offers families an opportunity to explore options and plan for an elderly relative with a social worker.

Jaime Lowy, Associate Executive Director

Geriatric Case Management
Case management is an ongoing service to help older adults and their families understand, access, and coordinate available resources, care and benefits. Case Management enables older adults to manage their independence and live healthier lives.

We help to:

  • Identify a loved one’s strengths, needs, concerns and preferences
  • Establish goals and implement a plan of care
  • Connect loved ones to community resources and government benefit programs
  • Coordinate doctor appointments and caregiver services


Counseling is available to help cope with issues associated with aging, such as changes in independence, health problems, dementia, death of a loved one, isolation, and family dynamics. Counseling is also available for coping with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression.