JFSA Caring at Home: A Division of JFSA Cleveland

JFSA Care at Home, a division of JFSA, offers community based support services and home care for older adults. JFSA Caring at Home provides reliable and compassionate services for individuals who want to live independently and safely in their own home. Studies show that patients who are surrounded by their family and friends, in a familiar setting, while receiving these services make faster progress.


Laura Dales, Executive Director

As people age, the type of assistance they require to live independently and safely changes over time. Our full range of services means that:

  • Changing needs can be met with one provider.
  • Families no longer have to find a different resource each time a new need for assistance arises.
  • All JFSA staff are trained to identify potential areas where new assistance might be needed to maintain an individual’s independence and safety.
  • Families can have “peace of mind” knowing that the best care is being delivered and managed, no matter the level of care.

JFSA’s Caring at Home consists of In-Home Older Adult Services and Private Duty Home Care and Skilled Care. Both levels of care make it possible for people to live at home rather than use residential, long-term, or institutional-based nursing care.