JFSA Achieving Potential: PLAN of Northeast Ohio

PLAN of Northeast Ohio is a member of the National PLAN Alliance, dedicated to meeting the planning needs of families with adult children having lifelong disabilities.

Rebecca Rinaldi, Program Director


PLANis a membership organization for individuals with mental illness, cognitive disabilities and Autism spectrum disorder.

Social Activities

PLANoffers a variety of in-person and virtual social, recreational, and wellness programming that helps members improve social skills, make friends, increase independence, gain self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and improve the overall quality of life. Members participate in activities such as meal groups, special interest clubs, volunteering, and therapeutic arts programs. Most activities are free of charge. Transportation to and from most community activities is included in membership.

Volunteer Opportunities

PLANmembers volunteer at JFSA and throughout the Northeast Ohio community. Office volunteers assemble bulk mailings and other projects for JFSA departments and for local businesses. Members also volunteer in the community in locations such as food and book banks. Through volunteering, members learn vocational skills in stress-free and supportive environments and gain the s of doing something for others.

Lifetime Planning

Our staff works with family members and caregivers to help structure a thoughtful lifelong plan for PLAN members, to ensure their loved one continues to get the right supports when they are no longer able to provide it.

Family Advocacy

PLANmembers have access to social workers who provide counseling, support, education, referral and linkage to government or medical organizations.

An annual membership fee covers the cost of most services.