JFSA Achieving Potential: Carol and Marvin Lader Journeys Program

Journeys is a membership-based weekend social program for young adults ages 18 and older with Autism spectrum disorder or other cognitive disorders. The program is designed to help individuals meet new people and make lasting friendships in the community, gain self-confidence and reduce anxiety, and become more independent.

Rebecca Rinaldi

Social activities include:
• Bowling
• Community events (eg. sporting)
• Lunch Club
• Indoor/outdoor activities
• Trips to museums
• Nature walks

To enjoy a meaningful experience as a Journeys member, individuals should be able to:
• Stay with a group in the community without needing reminders.
• Conduct themselves in an appropriate manner without behaviors that are unusually disruptive or loud.
• Participate in a group with up to eight members supervised by one staff member.