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The Negev Foundation is a non-profit organization fully committed to nurturing the Negev region of Israel. The foundation recognizes the Negev's unique strategic importance to the State of Israel for security, sustainability, and success.

Sam Hoenig, President

To support the Negev region of Israel, nurturing opportunities by investing in agriculture, food, water, sustainability, health, culture, education, research, and wellness.

To make the desert bloom by developing the knowledge, infrastructure, resources, and relationships for sustaining meaningful life.

Thriving – Ensuring Jewish people’s continued autonomy in their homeland.
Sustainability – Advancing systems that promote a sustainable future.
Innovation – Supporting new solutions to emerging problems.

Our past has been full of big Risks. We have steadily grown with Resilience. And these efforts yield great Rewards.

When the Negev Foundation was established in 1992, the Negev was still regarded much the way it had been at the establishment of the State, a blank space, waiting for a purpose. The Foundation has spent the past 30+ years financially fortifying the region’s ability not only to provide food for Israel through investments in water management and arid land agriculture research and development but also a thriving home for a growing population of immigrants, refugees, pioneers, and visionaries – building the next generation of leaders for Israel. The population has doubled in size, and the economy has tripled.

The Negev has talents to share developed in the crucible of challenge. Negev Research Centers train thousands of aspiring farmers from all over the world, patent new technologies, and publish groundbreaking research. This innovative spirit has seeded solar farms, hi-tech engineering, and water reuse expertise. These gifts offer solutions to today’s biggest challenges.

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Sam Hoenig, President

Richard J. Bogomolny, Board Chair