Jewish Federation of Cleveland Speaker Connections

Provides knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics that include the politics, culture and history of Israel and more.

Aviva Roland, Community Relations Managing Director

Provides speakers (dependant on availability) at no-charge from the Community Relations Committee and community-at-large on topics of Jewish interest, including:

  • Jewish Security in a Free Society
  • Social and Economic Justice from a Jewish Viewpoint
  • Religious Freedom and Church-State separation
  • Civil Rights Issues
  • Interreligious and Intergroup Relationships
  • American Jewry, World Jewry, and Geopolitical Issues
  • Survivors Speaking about the Holocaust
  • Contemporary Issues in Israeli Society
  • Basic or advanced training in Jewish advocacy
  • An Introduction to Judaism 101 for Non-Jews

Offers suggestions for speakers who may charge a fee.