Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Association with Yeshiva of Cleveland

At the Yeshiva of Cleveland, boys in 9th-12th grade experience an intensive and extensive Jewish curriculum and college preparatory secular educational program.

Rabbi A.Y. Fertig, Principal

Yeshiva High School students experience an intensive and extensive Jewish and secular educational background  on the beautiful Sapirstein Campus, home to the Beis Midrash students. It includes a state of the art computer lab, science lab, and gymnasium.

The Judaic studies curriculum allows Talmidim to develop their skills in both Iyun and Bekius. Night Seder enhances the experience, as Talmidim study with Mechanchim as their Chavrusos.

A state chartered school, the Yeshiva High School offers a superior General Studies program.

Shabatonim, Melava Malkas, Out of Town Yeshiva Trips, Chesed and Community Service Programs enhance the Ruach of the high school.