Chabad of Cleveland Mikvah Israel

Waxman Chabad Center offers mikvah hours for women. men and dishes. A mikvah is a Jewish ritual bath used for ritual immersions.

Mrs. Sheindl Chaikin, Coordinator

A mikvah is a Jewish ritual bath. Kosher mikvahs require “living water.” This includes rain, lake, ocean, or river water. In indoor mikvahs, rainwater flows into filtered, purified tap water. A person will immerse in the mikvah and say a blessing to mark a transition in their life and prepare for a new state of being.
The mikvah is rooted in centuries of Jewish tradition. It is a place where a Jewish person can experience an embodied spirituality. By taking time to connect to the body, the Jewish people, and the earth’s natural water cycles, a person can become rooted in the present moment, even at a time of profound change. 

Womens Mikvah:


Mens Mikvah:


Dish Mikvah: