Yeshiva High School

Yeshiva High School of Cleveland

What started out as an endeavor to develop a new approach to Yeshiva high school education and an opportunity to reach students from a multiplicity of backgrounds has become a trailblazing reality. YHSC took the age old primers of education and added love, care and feeling; Love for The Torah, care for the Talmidim, and feeling for our fellow Jews.

Rabbi Yeshai Kutoff, Head of School

YHSC is dedicated to the success of our Talmidim in all aspects of academic life. The Yeshiva provides a foundation for our students, who will then move on to institutions of higher learning and the wider professional world.

We aim to develop a Ben Torah who will be a contributing member to the Jewish Community; who will take part in being a member of the Am Hanivchar and will do everything possible to glorify Hashem’s name in every juncture of life.

We believe in promoting the positive in every student and helping each one recognize the qualities in which he excels. Klal Yisroel all had different banners, and each banner manifested that Shevet’s individual qualities. At YHSC each Talmid finds and takes pride in his own banner.

Yeshiva High School of Cleveland was built on the premise of excellence and stands firmly on excellence– excellence in Torah, character refinement and secular studies. Excellent education must evolve to suit the students, our environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. At YHSC, high school is viewed as a gateway to both the wider Torah and professional worlds