Yeshiva Derech HaTorah

Yeshiva Derech Hatorah

The mission of Yeshiva Derech Hatorah (YDT) is to provide and promote an all-encompassing education that nurtures and equips the child of today.

Our aim is to motivate students to reach personal excellence, and to be conscientious learners. A warm nurturing environment is an indispensable component to our objective, as our focus is to inspire a love for learning, develop academic and social skills, and foster Torah-true values in each individual. Yeshiva Derech Hatorah is driven to perfect every area and facet in the Chinuch of our children. Our passion is to reach the apex at every juncture, while remaining deep-rooted in ruach Yisroel Saba both in theory and practice.

YDT is committed to our mission of educating students, and operates a preschool, elementary school and middle school for both boys and girls, and a high school for girls. We view the school as a key component to the strength of the broader Jewish community in Cleveland, and will continue to play a role in building the community in any way we can provide value.