Temple Am Shalom

The mission of Temple Am Shalom is to be the center for Judaism in Lake County Ohio.

Renee Blau , Spiritual Director

Temple Am Shalom provides spiritual support to the Jewish community in Lake County Ohio and takes great pride in its informal atmosphere and community orientation.

Temple Am Shalom provides:

  • Spiritual support for all Jewish Lifecycle events
  • Fosters the vibrancy of Judaism through Torah (lifelong Jewish education), avoda (worship of God through prayer and observance) and gemilut Chasadim (the pursuit of peace and deeds of loving kindness).
  • Family services (for school age children and their families) are held monthly. Students and youth group take active roles facilitating services.  Services are lively and interactive.  Music is a blend of traditional and contemporary melodies in both Hebrew and English. Members and guests are always invited to actively participate.