Telshe Yeshiva

Telshe Yeshiva is an internationally-renowned Orthodox institution for Torah and Talmud study.

Rabbi Dovid Goldberg, President

Originally founded in the town of Telz in Lithuania in 1875, the Yeshiva became a hub for Rabbinic education.  After the fall of Lithuania to the Nazis in World War II, many students and faculty members were murdered, but some managed to survive.  The Yeshiva was reestablished near Cleveland in 1941.

The institution offers a preparatory (Mechina) high school program for grades 9-12. The college program provides Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Theology. Typically, the high school and college program combine for an enrollment of over two hundred students each year.

While Telshe Yeshiva does not have a formal Web site, they can be reached by telephone, U.S. mail or by e-mail.