Skilled Volunteers for Israel

Creating new economic opportunity for Israeli young adults through English language skills.

Marla Gamoran, Director

You can volunteer in Israel from home!!!

Skilled Volunteers for Israel has been creating volunteer opportunities for mature Jewish adults since 2011.

Join English B’Yachad, the online English tutoring and mentoring program pairing you with an Israeli young adults from an underserved community  who want to improve English fluency and confidence to better compete in the Israeli job market.

With a commitment of only one – two hours per week, we match you with an Israeli student.  Haven’t tutored before?  No problem, English B’Yachad is a virtual community that support tutors and includes curated resources,  trainings, and monthly “Tutor Talks” drop-in sessions with other English B’Yachad tutors.

Contribute your talents, your time, your experience to Israel as an English B’Yachad tutor!