Ramah Camping Movement

The current mission of Ramah is to create educating communities in which people learn to live committed Jewish lives, embodying the ideals of Conservative Judaism. Out of such communities, Ramah continues to “raise up” committed volunteer and professional leadership for the Conservative Movement and contemporary Jewry.

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Ramah is the camping arm of Conservative Judaism. With eight overnight camps, four day camps and Ramah Programs in Israel, Ramah impacts more than 9,000 campers and staff every summer.

A summer at Ramah is spent immersed in Jewish living – highlighted by dynamic and innovative programming. Traditional camp and outdoor activities, including swimming, sports, dance and art, are enhanced by Ramah’s dedication to excellence in informal Jewish education. Combining a love for camping with meaningful Jewish experiences, Ramah instills in its campers and staff a love of Judaism, the Jewish people, Israel and the outdoors.

The Ramah Camping Movement is guided by seven core values:

  • Self-esteem of every individual
  • Character development
  • Jewish learning
  • Jewish identity and community
  • Jewish observance
  • Zionism
  • Hebrew


Camp Ramah in Canada
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