Na'aleh Cleveland


Naaleh is a non-profit organization focused on strengthening the emotional and mental well-being of the Cleveland Jewish community.

Rabbi Chaim Helman, Executive Director

Naaleh is specifically geared to helping Jewish individuals in the Cleveland area experiencing mental health issues. Taking the initial steps towards getting help can be daunting, and Naaleh’s expert guidance assists individuals in navigating the resources available in the community.


  • helps people navigate the process of finding a mental health professional that best suits their particular needs. All calls to Na’aleh are strictly confidential. We work to match within your insurance plan.
  • offers support groups that are facilitated by community based professionals which create a safe space for mutual understanding, support and strength.
  • can assume the additional role of liaison between mental health providers, clients, family members and Rabbonim in a supportive and sensitive way.
  • is committed to providing educational opportunities to the community. These have included open panel discussions, events and school presentations that proactively strengthen mental and emotional wellness as well as reduce stigma associated with mental illness.