Mitsui Collective

Mitsui Collective

Mitsui Collective builds resilient community through embodied Jewish practice and somatic antiracism.

Yoshi Silverstein, Executive Director

Mitsui Collective brings the tools of embodied practice into the experience of Jewish life & learning through our bodies, and into the healing-centered work of addressing how our experiences of Judaism and Jewish community are impacted because of the bodies we are in. We seek to redefine the spaces and modalities through which Judaism prepares, supports, and nourishes both the individual and the collective for greater health, resiliency, and wellness in body and soul.

Mitsui Collective is open to all spiritual seekers while centering our work and community-building around those historically placed at the margins of Jewish life — including but not limited to Jews of Color and non-Ashkenormative Jews, LGBTQ, interfaith / intergroup families, and those of varied socioeconomic status. We view diversity and representation as a vital building block for vibrant, resilient community.

Mitsui Collective is based in Cleveland and offers both local programs as well as national and online programming and resources. On all fronts we are growing the ecosystem of opportunities and platforms (both in person and online) to be in communities of practice with others bringing embodiment into the core of their Jewish expression and spiritual practice.