Matan B’sayser

The situations are many, the needs vary. Matan B’Sayser is there to help during time of family crisis and financial stress.

Neche Moerman, Noemi Landau, Shoshana Klahr, Presidium

Matan B’Sayser assists those in need with:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Rent and utilities subsidies
  • Partners in Shabbos Program
  • Funds towards medical expenses and health insurance premiums
  • Matching Milestones
  • Simcha Fund for wedding and Bar Mitzva expenses
  • Children’s Fund providing basic necessities for children
  • Providing aid for further education
  • Meal deliveries
  • Assistance to families of children with special needs
  • Monthly stipends for families in need
  • KEMACH Holiday program, helping with basic Yom Tov needs