Jewish Secular Community

Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland

The Jewish Secular Community, affiliated with the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations and the International Federation of Secular Humanistic Jews, is a non-profit cultural and educational organization whose purpose is to: • Encourage Jewish identification in a non-theistic setting that draws inspiration from the traditional Jewish sources and values • Educate adults in the history, culture, and tenets of Judaism • Celebrate and observe Jewish holidays and life cycle events • Contibute to the betterment of our society through social action and volunteerism • Provide a link to a world-wide community of secular Jews

Nadelane Joseph and Mark Finkenbine, Co-Presidents

The Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland, founded in 1967, provides an inclusive and secular, humanistic environment to celebrate holidays, learn about Jewish traditions and history.

The Jewish Secular Community provides a warm and supportive community where we can:

  • Celebrate the rhythms of life and the Jewish calendar in a meaningful and  secular humanistic manner
  • Learn about Secular Humanistic Judaism
  • Meet to discuss issues of universal and Jewish importance
  • Socialize with friends and family
  • Belong to a world-wide movement of Secular Humanistic Jews

Other Information:

Mark Weber, Madrich