Jewish Lakewood Alliance

Jewish Lakewood Alliance is a community organization that seeks to increase visibility and togetherness of Jewish people and allies in the city of Lakewood through social and cultural events.

Tim Collingwood, Co-Founder

We aim to break down any fear and stigma about being Jewish in public life, and inspire expression of diverse Jewish identities in a welcoming and an accepting community. We welcome Jews of color, secular Jews, Jews from interfaith and multicultural backgrounds, Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews, LBGTQIA+ Jews, and everyone in between. We advocate for persecuted groups outside of the community with the same empathy as we do within.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall adhere to these group missions:

  1. To break down any fear and stigma about being Jewish in public life.
  2. To inspire Jewish identity and create a culture of comfortable expression of unique Jewish practices in our city.
  3. To be open and welcoming to allies.
  4. To advocate for other persecuted groups with the same empathy as for ourselves.

Other information:

Tim Collingwood, Board Member

Maya Camhi, Board Member

Samia Mansour, Board Member

Tristan Rader, Board Member