Heights Jewish Center Synagogue

Esther Abramowitz, Office Manager

Established in 1923, Heights Jewish Center is an Orthodox synagogue whose members are committed to Torah, mitzvos and a desire to grow spiritually.

Over the years, several congregations have merged into HJC.  The oldest of these component congregations is Beth Israel Chevra Kadisha, founded in 1859.  Therefore we celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2009.

Unlike other shuls which can be labeled “modern Orthodox”, “Chassidic” or “Yeshivish”, Heights cannot be labeled because of the variety of backgrounds and minhaggim from which our members come.  What our member families have in common is a commitment to Torah and mitzvos and a desire to grow spiritually.

We have a large building (fully paid for) with a beis medrash and social halls, two kitchens and a large parking lot.   There is both a mechitza on the main level and a balcony in the sanctuary.  The shul is located near several apartment complexes and many affordable homes.

Other Information:

Raphael Davidovich, Rabbi

Phil Setnik, President