Founded more than 100 years ago, HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) is there for refugees when and where they need help most. HIAS is a Jewish humanitarian organization that works in the United States and 15 other countries, providing vital services to refugees and asylum seekers of all faiths so they can rebuild their lives. With the support of the Jewish community, HIAS also advocates for the rights of forcibly displaced people globally and educates, organizes, and mobilizes American Jews to put their values into action and fight for refugees in the U.S.

Through its network of local Jewish resettlement partner agencies and refugee assistance organizations, HIAS welcomes resettled refugees through the U.S. government’s admissions program and helps them rebuild their lives in communities across the country. In Ohio, HIAS is proud to partner with JFS Columbus.

HIAS proactively prepares for and responds to emergencies and disasters around the world which create displaced populations, and helps build resilience and support recovery.

HIAS provides legal services and support, including free legal representation for asylum seekers so they can obtain legal status.
HIAS works to end gender-based violence by reducing risk; helping survivors, women, girls, and LGBTQ people find healthcare and safety; and changing beliefs that perpetuate violence so they can live safely.

HIAS runs community-based mental health programs that promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities so they can heal and rebuild their lives.

HIAS enables refugees to work toward financial independence so they can provide for themselves and their families and contribute to their local economies and communities.

HIAS is a leader with the expertise, partnerships, and values necessary to respond to the global crisis.

Refugees deserve a world in which they find welcome, safety, and opportunity.