Gross Schechter Day School

Gross Schechter Day School

Gross Schechter Day School inspires its students to love learning, become their best selves, and embrace Jewish practice, values, and community in a challenging and encouraging academic environment. 

Janna Dorfman, Director of Admissions

Gross Schechter Day School: Success Illuminated by Tradition, Ignited by Innovation.

At Gross Schechter, our children develop and grow in a rigorous academic environment that focuses on the whole child. Students benefit from experiencing joy in their learning and in being part of a supportive social and emotional environment that prepares them well for high school, college and beyond. Our school has a deeply engaging integrated curriculum, that gives students a strong foundation in both core academics and in Jewish literacy.

Our Core Values

  • Mitzvot: Understanding and practicing kedusha, avodah, torah, g’millut chasadim and tikkun olam in an egalitarian environment
  • Kehillah: Creating a community that provides a foundation for Jewish life through support, celebration and shared experiences
  • Btzelem Elokim: Recognizing and nurturing the uniqueness of each individual student
  • K’lal Yisrael: Unity of the Jewish people and celebration of diversity and pluralism
  • Ahavat Yisrael: Connection and love for the State of Israel
  • Hochma: Providing students with a rich, educational experience of an outstanding integrated education that positions each student for success

Other Information:

Ginny Galili, Head of School

Abigail Stadlin, President


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