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Cleveland Mediation Center

Our mission is to promote constructive conflict resolution, especially among youth and to strengthen community ties with an emphasis on mediation and mediation training.

Cleveland Mediation Center (CMC) has been mediating disputes and providing conflict resolution and mediation training to the greater Cleveland area since 1981, distinguishing CMC as the first community mediation center in Ohio. We are proud that throughout our history, we have committed to achieving the National Association for Community Mediation’s  nine hallmarks of a community mediation center.

CMC promotes just and peaceful community in Northeast Ohio by honoring all people, building their capacity to act, and facilitating opportunities for them to engage in conflict constructively.

We fulfill our mission by continuing our work in the community to facilitate dialogue with neighbors, community members, families or other parties, stop evictions, prevent homelessness, improve school attendance, and train those who wish to mediate.

During these difficult times, mediation and conflict resolution are so important as we are all sheltering at home. To aid in helping families, neighbors, workplaces, and communities in resolving conflicts during the pandemic, we will be offering our mediation services and Mediation and Conflict Resolution training via the web conferencing platform Zoom.

What issues can be mediated?

  • Neighbor to Neighbor- barking dog and other noise issues, fence issues among other concerns
  • Landlord/Tenant- Discuss payment plans for back rent, repairs needed
  • Family- Custody/visitation issues between parents, sibling issues, parent/child issues
  • Workplace/community group conflicts- Issues between co-workers and members of organizations.