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Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple

At Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple, we nurture love, justice, hope, joy, connection and growth.

Robert Nosanchuk, Senior Rabbi

We invite you to learn more about Anshe Chesed Fairmount:

SPIRITUAL LIFE – Jewish tradition, text and ritual brings us spiritual understanding and a deeper connection to Judaism. The Torah is a living document than enables us to wrestle with the timeless and timely challenges of our day.

AN OPEN AND EMBRACING COMMUNITY – The moment an individual engages with our community, we are enriched by their faith, ideas, sensibilities, worldview, and passions. We see the beauty in people, whatever their spiritual understandings, race or sexual orientation.

LIFELONG JEWISH LEARNING – Anyone who engages in a program at Fairmount Temple will come away with a new insight about Judaism. Our activities for children, teens, and adults explore both traditional and contemporary Jewish wisdom and literature.  Our programs are intended to be enriching and accessible for learners of all backgrounds and experiences with Jewish learning.

SOCIALLY ENGAGED – Through acts of kindness, congregants partner with clergy to serve as social advocates, actively engaged in local and national issues, investing in our community and the world.

LOVING KINDNESS – We believe that our words and actions should be guided by chesed (loving kindness). Chesed is our way of life, the cornerstone of our values, uplifting and empowering ourselves and countless others.

To learn more about our synagogue-community, we invite you to come visit us in person, give us a call or explore our website.

Robert Nosanchuk, Senior Rabbi

Joshua L. Caruso, Rabbi

Vladimir Lapin, Cantor

Elle Muhlbaum, Associate Rabbi