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Community Relations Committee

Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Debbie Klein
Community Relations Managing Director
216.593.2900, x271

Recommends and implements the Federation's public affairs policy and works to build a more just society through advocacy, volunteer and community-building initiatives specifically:


  • Convene the "common table" around which member agencies meet to identify issues and articulate positions and approaches to advance the public affairs goals of the organized Jewish community
  • Convene public meetings and organize campaigns of public education to focus community attention on issues and causes, including but not limited to promoting equal opportunity and social justice and Israel advocacy
  • Cultivate working relationships with non-Jewish and cross-sectional groups
  • Respond to CRC member organization-identified needs which strengthen their individual and collaborative capacity to advance a communal public affairs agenda
  • Respond to incidents of anti-Semitism, bigotry, hatred and violence
  • Interpret Israel's needs and positions to the general public and the government
  • Advocate for separation of church and state and ensure freedom of religion
  • Respond to disaster relief efforts in the U.S. and worldwide
  • Liaise with the Jewish Council for Public Affairs on public affairs initiatives undertaken at the national level
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