Menorah Park Volunteer Opportunities

At Menorah Park, we believe that our volunteers are at the heart of what we do: compassionately care for others, a legacy that is proudly honored in all we do.

Our volunteers come from all ages, backgrounds, and experiences, and bring their time, talent, and energy to make a difference in the lives of residents on our campus in Beachwood and in Chagrin Falls. Along with the difference our volunteers make, the Menorah Park community offers a fun and vibrant place to volunteer with the opportunity to meet new people.

Vicki Snyder, Director of Volunteers

Menorah Park is a vibrant and fun place to volunteer. Along with getting to meet a wonderful mix of people, you’ll realize the importance of your presence in their lives, and the difference you can make volunteering just a few hours a week. There’s always a need for volunteers, so join us in making our residents truly feel content in their homes.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Serving & preparing food at Pearl’s Place
  • Office Work
  • Guiding & Welcoming Visitors

See the website link below for additional volunteer possibilities.