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Center 4 Brain Health

Menorah Park
Evan Shelton PhD
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Our center provides daily brain health services.

  • Free Memory Screenings gauge memory, language and thinking skills
  • Brain Health Coaching helps participants understand modifiable lifestyle factors that can be addressed to support their brain health and wellness journey
  • Brain Health Information Resource Center provides education, support, and materials for various aspects on brain health

Cognitive Fitness Classes

Think of us as a Memory University or the College of the Brain. Here you can take one-hour brain aerobic classes where you will strengthen your memory, learn meditation exercises, work on problem-solving skills, master stress relief techniques- all toward one goal: improving memory and cognition. Classes offered free of charge.

Learn new ways to mind your brain and think about your brain health differently through our center's evidence-based programs designed to support the following 4 pillars of Brain Health:

  1. Cognitive Fitness (Brain Health & Wellness Mental Stimulation)
  2. Emotional Wellness (Meditation/Relaxation, Stress Management, Gratitude/Mindfulness)
  3. Social Well-Being (Social Interaction, Social Networks, Lifelong Learning)
  4. Personal Health (Health Conditions, Sleep, Physical Exercise, Medications/Supplements)

We provide a variety of brain-based educational discussions that promote a brain healthy lifestyle for adults in the community. Professional training and education are also available. Contact us today for additional information.

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